This family has been a loyal client of mine for 4 years now. Every time we get together for a shoot for family photos it’s an absolute blast! I can’t begin to express how much their continued business means to me. I love seeing their family grow up.

The Howell’s are a super fun family. They love to travel and find new experiences all around the country, and even the world. This year they braved the crowds and headed up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to see the solar eclipse. Even when they’re staying local, they are always seeking out adventures.

They are all very sporty and you will often find the family on the sidelines cheering each other one in soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it really.

The Howell’s have two adorable little boys and we had so much fun running around the park, playing on the playground, oh and taking some great photos.

Their youngest son Tanner is at the amazing stage where everything is an adventure. He’s reading and learning things all the time. Teddy is just a little goof trying to keep up with his big brother “Tan-nah.” Steph and Aaron love being able to watch their kids grow into little people more and more each day. Oh, and the boys are best friends and love spending time with each other. You can definitely see how much they enjoy each other in their photos.

Each member of this beautiful family has such a fun personality. Aaron is awesome at his job in digital marketing but he could have a career in sports broadcasting or coaching if he ever wanted to switch. Steph is out to prove that you can have it all, you can be an amazing mom and have a successful career. Tanner is a star athlete and is also very good at math. Teddy loves everyone he sees and won’t let anyone walk away without saying hi.

This family has grown up together beautifully and it’s been an honor to be a part of it. They have choose to document the family over the past 4 years with family photos. Now they have beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Family photography has come a long way since the days of Sears portraits. Schedule a shoot today and let’s showcase the personality and joy of your family so you can remember it all for a lifetime.