What’s better than a family photoshoot? An extended family photoshoot! When everyone comes together: aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, siblings, parents…all under one roof. Or in this case, all under the open Colorado sky.

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With each of their families growing up, the Sheffield extended family didn’t want to waste another moment before capturing their family all together.

Family photoshoot Denver CO


Many of their children are growing quickly into teenagers and adults. Time flies rapidly, but they love how the kids are old enough to do more together now.

The Sheffield’s and their respective families had 19 total people in their family portrait session. That’s one large photoshoot! But luckily, we had the perfect location for this great family.

Extended family photoshoot grandparents with grandkids Denver CO

A Golden Extended Family Photoshoot

When choosing a spot for their family pictures, the Sheffield family choose their Grandma and Grandpa’s ranch in Golden, CO. The surroundings in Golden definitely lived up to their name. The golden grass with evening’s golden light provided the perfect backdrop for professional family photos.

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And it wasn’t just the location that was golden. We were lucky enough to have the extended family photoshoot on the day of Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield’s 50th wedding anniversary.

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What they wanted most to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary were professional pictures with the whole family. Not a bad gift!

Extended family outdoor portraits

That’s just one amazing part about my job. Getting to bring families together. Whether it’s two newlyweds just starting their family, or three generations all brought together for an evening, doing this reminds me what it’s all about. Family. And the love we have for each other.

Family Portraits that “Last a Lifetime”

When I asked the Sheffield’s what they hoped they would get out of this extended family photo session, they just wanted beautiful, quality pictures “that will last a lifetime.” I’m proud to say we got just that.


Give your family treasured memories and moments that will last a lifetime! Contact me for a family photography session in Colorado. You can find me in Centennial, CO, but I also travel all around the state. Pick your ideal spot like the Sheffield’s, or I can give suggestions for some of my favorite locations.

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Getting everyone together for a family photoshoot always gets harder as kids grow older. But the Hudson family won’t let a year go by without getting family photos done.

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For the Hudson’s, they love seeing how much their four daughters change each year. Family portraits are their favorite way to capture the special moments they have with each other. I have to agree with them there!

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When the Hudson family came to me asking to have a family photoshoot, they wanted to make sure that they had a good mix of candid and posed shots. However, what mattered most to them  were professional family photos that captured how close their family is.

family portrait Denver CO

professional family photos Denver CO

That came easily with the Hudson’s! This naturally close-knit family brought the perfect charm that made this photoshoot so fun.

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One thing I loved about this photoshoot was seeing how much the Hudson sisters loved each other. Although the oldest daughters are far apart in age from their two younger sisters, they still have a strong sisterly bond.

family portrait photography Denver CO

Right now, the oldest two girls are away at college. But when they are home, the Hudson’s like to spend every moment they can together.

family portrait Denver CO

When I asked the Hudson family what they love to do together, they said they just enjoy being together, chatting the night away. They love keeping things casual!

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One fun tradition the Hudson parents have is always getting a dipping picture. We found the perfect spot in front of Union Station to continue such a great tradition!

The Hudson’s urban family photoshoot in downtown Denver gave me the chance to find those spots that often go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of the city.

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I think that’s a lot like life. Sometimes we don’t notice how fast our life is moving, until we look back on those special moments and see how far we’ve come. It’s why family photos can be such a treasure!

family portrait Denver CO

Family Photos and Moments to Remember

When you want to capture perfect moments amid the hustle and bustle of your life, contact me to schedule your next family photoshoot! Located out of Centennial, CO, I love traveling all over Colorado finding those perfect, unnoticed spots for your family photos.







I love getting to revisit with families and see how much they’ve grown! When I last did a family photoshoot for the Rothey Family, they were one family member short. But I think we all love the newest addition.

family photoshoot denver co
The Rothey’s sure love to laugh! Luckily we got plenty of chances to laugh together in this particular photoshoot up at Davidson Mesa in Louisville, CO.

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At home the Rothey’s often find themselves chasing their kids around the house, with frequent visits from the tickle monster. They can’t get enough of hearing their kids laugh, and I don’t blame them! Their smiles were infectious.

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Their oldest child is the epitome of a good big brother.

child photography Denver CO

He not only protects his younger sisters, he shows them love that only a four-year-old can show: sweet, kind, genuine, and completely unselfish. As his mother says, “He loves to love on his sisters,” sometimes a little too much!

professional photographer Denver CO

professional photographer Denver CO

The Rothey’s second child is what her parents describe as a sassy three-year-old. I couldn’t agree more!

She was a ball of energy and personality during the family photoshoot. But underneath her defiant attitude was a special sweetness. I could tell how much she was a daddy’s girl.

Their youngest just turned one when we had this photoshoot. When I last took pictures for the Rothey’s, this was the age of their elder daughter. After seeing their previous family portraits capture the sweetness and youth of their young children, the Rothey family didn’t want another summer to go by without capturing the same sweetness that they see in their youngest.

She glowed! And it wasn’t just the setting Colorado sun that made her shine.

child photography Denver CO

What the Rothey’s love about the stage they’re in with their family right now is that genuine love they feel from their kids. Their children will tell their parents that they love them, just because. That’s the kind of sweetness I love to capture with these family photoshoots.

Colorado family photographer

“When you took our family photos, it captured a sweetness we never want to forget.” – Traci

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Capturing Perfect Moments

Childhood is fleeting. Those sweet moments come and go. But with a photograph, you always have that perfect moment forever. That’s what family photography is for me. Saving perfect memories to look back on and cherish for years to come.

How will you capture your family’s perfect moments? Contact me to schedule your next family photoshoot in Denver, Centennial and other Colorado locations! Call or message me for professional family photos that stop and capture the beauty of your life exactly as it is in this moment.